Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why investing in Honduras

There are too many reasons why you should consider investing in Honduras. This is the first impression of our team in the field where they are researching and interviewing key personalities in the country in the business area.

Among these interviews, WINNE has talked to the Ministry of Finances in the country, Mr. William Chong Wong, (in the picture -center- with our team) who has detailed step by step the highlights of the country he represents.

Between them, the natural resources –vegetables, poultry, cattle and seafood- are the main richness for the country and as goods to export in competence with the famous tobacco from Honduras. These are two of the key products which, however, do not shadow the many tourist attractions in which the biodiversity offered by a country of “forest vocation”, like the Ministry of Finances has said in this interview.

There’s no need to bring out the advantages of a country with a privileged geographic situation. In a more passionate way, a common characteristic in the population of Honduras, Mr. William Chong Wong explains all this in this video that WINNE offers you here.

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  1. Glad to see that Honduras is making the headlines again, but this time from a positive perspective. This is a country with tremendous economic potential and the international community should support it and take it into consideration when it comes to building close economic and friendship links. Thanks for your good job, Winne team, this kind of news were much needed