Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you know how eBiz Guides works?

Our eBiz representative in Ecuador, Xabier Garagorri, was interviewed last August 27th in Radio Tropicana to talk about the work he and his team are doing in this country. After one month in the field, they are researching information and doing interviews to key personalities in Ecuador to elaborate the next eBiz Guide. 

This has been a very intense summer for eBiz Guides and WINNE: Republique du Congo was available in July, Georgia and El Salvador were finished in August and are being distributed and in some months, Ecuador will be the new eBiz Guides of the collection: the number 36.

In Radio Tropicana wanted to know all about eBiz Guides, a particular business that keeps together investing and having fun: "In the name eBiz, e stands for Entertainment and Biz stands for Business", explains Mr. Garagorri.

If you want to know more about the main subjects of interest in these publications, the books on Latin America or why our teams are where they are instead of somewhere else, among other topics, you better listen to this interview!