Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We are working on all you need to know to invest in Ecuador

Promoting the investments in Ecuador is the main objective of our team in this country. This is why one of our representatives has been interviewed in the national radio about the new eBizguides he and his collegues are developping. Although they arrived in the country only a month ago, their presence has already been noticed and the business world is wandering when will this new guide be ready for them to read.

Xabier Garagorri, our guide developer on this new ebizguides -number 36 in the collection- has been interviewed and has explained why the attention is now on Ecuador: "It has a potentially advantageous strategic position and a lot of key sectors like agriculture or tourism, Ecuador is a distinguised exporter of tunna, shrimp, coffee and sugar... it has a potential market of 14 million people with profitable international trade pacts: Ecuador has many important sectors but is has to be known".

As Mr. Garagorry highlights, with this new guide businessmen will have in their hands 250 pages filled with useful information about business, hotels and restaurants to stay and eat, as well as a data base with official information on ambassies and other key companies in the country.

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  1. I belive is all you need to know to do Biz and have entertainment in Ecuador. waiting to get this guide soon- best