Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nollywood, the new and biggest film industry in Africa Review

Our first number of the magazine eBiz Africa Review is warm and being printed. It will be very soon available for you all to read and enjoy.

However, in the meantime we will advance some of the highlights of its content just as we promised some days ago... a promise is a promise!

One of our main articles goes over the history, evolution and current situation of NOLLYWOOD, the new and biggest film industry located in Nigeria. This is, after the Indian Bollywood, the second biggest producer of films in the world. Hollywood follows it in the third place.

This and some other shocking details about this Nigerian business are collected in a fantastic report witten by Shaibu Husseini. The next lines are the beginning of this information: enjoy it and pay attention so that you do not miss the rest!

Nollywood, the ebony Hollywood

Nollywood is the immense, vibrant film industry of Nigeria, which the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has pronounced the world's second-largest film industry, after India's Bollywood, based on the number of films produced.

Ahead of Hollywood without the world even taking notice, Nollywood has moved into second place with films about family, religious concerns, love and honour, AIDS, prostitution, oil and the wealth deriving from it, ghosts and cannibals. In other words, films about Africa. (...)

Third training day for nomads

In the process of becoming part of Winne's family, the best candidates are staying in our Head Quarters and following every single instruction and piece of wisdom that our veterans are offering them.
In this training week, Mariella Olea is the person in charge of directing this formative week. She has just come back form Serbia and has also been working in severan African countries.

Her latest work is available online at but, what cannot be sold nor seen, just perceived, is her enthusiasm, a characterhistic that all our nomads share. If we could sell it online, as we do with interviews, country reports and company profiles, among other products, it would worth a million and would surely be the star product in the history of online selling... but we have the privilege to have it all for Winne and the products we offer our customers!

Hopefully these candidates will get "infected" by it and become spreaders of it all over the world!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Investor: Keep Serbia in mind!

This country is in the middle of the economic future of the European region. From the business point of view, very few countries are as interesting as this one. About to get into the European Union, with special treatment when exporting to the rest of Europe, Turkey and Russia and in continuous development, the Serbian Government and the whole country are ready to host as many companies as there will be willing to establish in their territory.

Some of these enterprises, some of them important catches like FIAT, are now sure that the possibility of getting into the Serbian market and produce for the rest of the world from there are opportunities that cannot be wasted.

Winne’s nomads have been there for months and are now ready to offer a lot of information: an in-depth country report and a lot of interviews with key personalities in this territory give us the latest news.

Here’s just a tip: Tourism, infrastructure, healthcare and a whole lot of sectors are just about to take off in Serbia and their future is promising.

All the professionals we have talked to are sure about one thing: investors will be surprised to discover the possibilities of this country not only from the economic point of view but also because it is an extremely friendly place to be.

Here is some more of the information we have been working on:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Training day to become part of the family

Humanity is meant to be together. People should be with people as it is people who bring security to the group or, what we like to call, the “community”.

For centuries, philosophers, artists, politicians, members of families and groups of friends have talked about the wonders of groups. And they were not mistaken.

In the spirit of History and Social Science, in the spirit of making lives easier today, in the spirit of getting to know each other and creating our own group and community, Winne is in the middle of this process of creating and consolidating our community of nomads that will get to know each other and the company that they could be about to become part of.

From today and for the next four days, our Head Quarters will be the core of the future of the company as we are celebrating a training day in which about ten people are participating.

Do you want to become part of our community? Are you interested in getting to know us?

Browse our webpage for more information!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kosovo, a sight for sore eyes

Kosovo is today in the core of all the media: The United Nations’ highest court said yesterday that its declaration of independence from Serbia in 2008 did not violate international law.
Now it is time to wait for the replies because, as it was said from the beginning, a response of this nature from the highest legal powers in Europe could have important repercussions for secessionists movements around the world.
Businessmen and women cannot lose track of this kind of events when thinking about investing in these countries so it is time to open our eyes and follow the news!
In Winne we want to make it easier for you so... we are already prepared to update you with the most detailed information about Kosovo as our teams left for that country in 2009 eager to know more. They have just came back to Madrid with brand new information about the situation there when talking about doing business.
Of course, apart from great business opportunities, you cannot forget having a look at the views like the one we show you here.

Isn't it an interesting place to be?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

WINNE in Hora Quente

Our CEO and Founder Pascal Belda and our Guide Director Shifen Wang participated in the the famous media talk show (MTS'10) Hora Quente, presented by Pedro N'Zagi, in Luanda (Angola).

After this interview, Angola's TV viewers and our bloggers know what eBizguides are about: the best way of getting to know a country in its pertect tandem Business and Entertainment.

Check the interview in youtube where we have uploaded it in two parts:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interested in eBiz Africa Review no.1?

More than 20,000 people will read it in very few days. Our distribution team has been working hard to send it to a total amount of 22 countries. Check if yours is in the list:

Congo Brazzaville
Côte d’Ivoire
Guinea Bissau
South Africa
United Kingdom

Free copies will be available in the Brussels International airport’s Business lounge and Barcelona World Trade Center.

If you want to be a subscriber or get to know more about our eBiz Africa Review, contact us!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We are proud to present to you eBiz Africa Review

Winne is about to launch the first number of its most expected magazine: eBiz Africa Review, a contemporary publication that offers dynamic businessmen the most current information about this amazing continent in an attractive format and in both languages, English and French.

In the first days of August the number 1 of this amazing quarterly publication will offer its readers the possibility of accessing interesting and useful information about this continent, its people and most important companies. Businessmen from all over the world will surely appreciate our effort of putting together all this information that reveals itself as an  essential manual when thinking about investing in this country.

In this number 1 we will publish up to 5,000 copies that will be distributed in over 20 countries to our subscribers and points of interest for our target readers.

Get ready to know more about this eBiz Africa Review in further posts or visit the web site to download our number 0.