Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things to take into account when investing in an African country

Imagine your dream come true: your company –let’s say it is an engineering factory- has finally a division working in an African country.

Picture the office, the telephone ringing, the employees working in the core of the production facilities... and watch them carefully. In your dreams they are energetic, happy, dynamic… but it could turn out to be not always like that. They could be tired, forced to have a rest every hour and not able to work as hard as they used to. Four days from now, the picture would be this one.

Did you know that today, according to the lunar calendar, the Muslim religion establishes that people fast during the day and only eat and drink from sunset to dawn?

This kind of information will not stop you from establishing your company in a country like Sudan or Algeria; data about economy, taxes and investment opportunities will be more important, that is for sure, but this is something that, although it might skip your mind, you definitely have to know.

The cultural differences keep us apart but can also bring us together and it is jus a matter of being updated and having the proper information at hand.

This kind of information will get to you once you are in the field but if you do not want to be surprised, it is a good idea to check professional reports on the country of your interest. Like the ones offered in WINNE and .Check them and tell us if you got all the information you really need when investing in an African country.

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