Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We are working on all you need to know to invest in Ecuador

Promoting the investments in Ecuador is the main objective of our team in this country. This is why one of our representatives has been interviewed in the national radio about the new eBizguides he and his collegues are developping. Although they arrived in the country only a month ago, their presence has already been noticed and the business world is wandering when will this new guide be ready for them to read.

Xabier Garagorri, our guide developer on this new ebizguides -number 36 in the collection- has been interviewed and has explained why the attention is now on Ecuador: "It has a potentially advantageous strategic position and a lot of key sectors like agriculture or tourism, Ecuador is a distinguised exporter of tunna, shrimp, coffee and sugar... it has a potential market of 14 million people with profitable international trade pacts: Ecuador has many important sectors but is has to be known".

As Mr. Garagorry highlights, with this new guide businessmen will have in their hands 250 pages filled with useful information about business, hotels and restaurants to stay and eat, as well as a data base with official information on ambassies and other key companies in the country.

If you want to know more about this interview and what eBizguides is working on in Ecuador,

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why investing in Honduras

There are too many reasons why you should consider investing in Honduras. This is the first impression of our team in the field where they are researching and interviewing key personalities in the country in the business area.

Among these interviews, WINNE has talked to the Ministry of Finances in the country, Mr. William Chong Wong, (in the picture -center- with our team) who has detailed step by step the highlights of the country he represents.

Between them, the natural resources –vegetables, poultry, cattle and seafood- are the main richness for the country and as goods to export in competence with the famous tobacco from Honduras. These are two of the key products which, however, do not shadow the many tourist attractions in which the biodiversity offered by a country of “forest vocation”, like the Ministry of Finances has said in this interview.

There’s no need to bring out the advantages of a country with a privileged geographic situation. In a more passionate way, a common characteristic in the population of Honduras, Mr. William Chong Wong explains all this in this video that WINNE offers you here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things to take into account when investing in an African country

Imagine your dream come true: your company –let’s say it is an engineering factory- has finally a division working in an African country.

Picture the office, the telephone ringing, the employees working in the core of the production facilities... and watch them carefully. In your dreams they are energetic, happy, dynamic… but it could turn out to be not always like that. They could be tired, forced to have a rest every hour and not able to work as hard as they used to. Four days from now, the picture would be this one.

Did you know that today, according to the lunar calendar, the Muslim religion establishes that people fast during the day and only eat and drink from sunset to dawn?

This kind of information will not stop you from establishing your company in a country like Sudan or Algeria; data about economy, taxes and investment opportunities will be more important, that is for sure, but this is something that, although it might skip your mind, you definitely have to know.

The cultural differences keep us apart but can also bring us together and it is jus a matter of being updated and having the proper information at hand.

This kind of information will get to you once you are in the field but if you do not want to be surprised, it is a good idea to check professional reports on the country of your interest. Like the ones offered in WINNE and www.ebizguides.com .Check them and tell us if you got all the information you really need when investing in an African country.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The magazine that will help you invest in Africa and enjoy it

We had already told you about eBiz Africa Review, the magazine that will give you all the information about investment and leisure in this continent but now you can see it for yourself.

Enter the site and download it for FREE so that you can see it from the first to the last page. Here is just a tip about the articles we offer you. Read them all and tell us if you like it!

Do you need Information about investing in Ecuador?

If this is just your situation, we could advise you to check it on the Internet, buy books or write to the Ambassy... BUT you would not have it all and it would take you a lot of time to get all the information you would need. To know all about how to invest there, you will have to wait just a little bit. It is worth the wait, we promise.

What you need is an specialized guide -eBizguides- that gives you all the information you need about business and entertainment in this country. Good news! The new eBizguide Ecuador will be available for you shortly. We are already working on it.

Our team is already in the field: Ecuador, compiling all the information that you will be able to enjoy in some weeks from now with all the highlights and in-depth information about this country for you to invest and have a good time.

Even the media in Ecuador are already talking about it and waiting, in anxiety, to read the results!

We will keep you posted about how this mission is going... If you are interested in this kind of information about other countries, it is more than likely that we have been there. Check it online:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Business and entertainment on holiday

August is usually the month that most people prefer to go on holiday and rest peacefully.

If you are visiting a new country, lots of tourists buy a tourist guide to know exactly what to expect, where to go and how to get there.

However, if you are a businessman/woman, you might not find it easy to just go and forget completely about your job, your projects... you might be one of those special people who prefer to sightsee places where they plan to go for business later. In a kind of a pre-visit of the official one.

To get ready for this trip, you do what so many people do, with high expectations: you buy the typical guide, the one for tourists and check, once again and, as usually, amazed, how little information there is there that you will really use for your business projects.

This is the time when you check the internet and see, always puzzled, that there is too much too read to get maybe one or two clear ideas out of it! It is clear now: you need specialized information: eBizguides, the guides for business globetrotters is the best option for you. From it you get the perfect tandem of business and leisure information that will be really useful at any time and that you can easily read right now, on holiday.

Check our website and see if you find what you are looking for.