Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nollywood, the new and biggest film industry in Africa Review

Our first number of the magazine eBiz Africa Review is warm and being printed. It will be very soon available for you all to read and enjoy.

However, in the meantime we will advance some of the highlights of its content just as we promised some days ago... a promise is a promise!

One of our main articles goes over the history, evolution and current situation of NOLLYWOOD, the new and biggest film industry located in Nigeria. This is, after the Indian Bollywood, the second biggest producer of films in the world. Hollywood follows it in the third place.

This and some other shocking details about this Nigerian business are collected in a fantastic report witten by Shaibu Husseini. The next lines are the beginning of this information: enjoy it and pay attention so that you do not miss the rest!

Nollywood, the ebony Hollywood

Nollywood is the immense, vibrant film industry of Nigeria, which the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has pronounced the world's second-largest film industry, after India's Bollywood, based on the number of films produced.

Ahead of Hollywood without the world even taking notice, Nollywood has moved into second place with films about family, religious concerns, love and honour, AIDS, prostitution, oil and the wealth deriving from it, ghosts and cannibals. In other words, films about Africa. (...)

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