Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Investor: Keep Serbia in mind!

This country is in the middle of the economic future of the European region. From the business point of view, very few countries are as interesting as this one. About to get into the European Union, with special treatment when exporting to the rest of Europe, Turkey and Russia and in continuous development, the Serbian Government and the whole country are ready to host as many companies as there will be willing to establish in their territory.

Some of these enterprises, some of them important catches like FIAT, are now sure that the possibility of getting into the Serbian market and produce for the rest of the world from there are opportunities that cannot be wasted.

Winne’s nomads have been there for months and are now ready to offer a lot of information: an in-depth country report and a lot of interviews with key personalities in this territory give us the latest news.

Here’s just a tip: Tourism, infrastructure, healthcare and a whole lot of sectors are just about to take off in Serbia and their future is promising.

All the professionals we have talked to are sure about one thing: investors will be surprised to discover the possibilities of this country not only from the economic point of view but also because it is an extremely friendly place to be.

Here is some more of the information we have been working on:

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